Illinois Concealed Carry

Range Qualification

Each individual is required by the State of Illinois to demonstrate proficiency with a handgun prior to being issued their certificate of completion for the class. This proficiency is demonstrated by firing a total of 30 rounds of ammunition at an NRA B-27 Silhouette target. Ten rounds are fired at a distance of 5 yards (15 feet), another ten rounds are fired at a distance of 7 yards (21 feet), and finally another ten rounds are fired at a distance of 10 yards (30 feet). The student MUST hit the SCORING section of the target with a minimum of 70% of the shots fired.

Please, DO NOT let the distances or scoring intimidate you. The first thing to realize is that a B-27 target IS HUGE (24" x 45")! The next thing to realize is the distance really isn't that far (In fact at the first distance, you're going to want to reach out and touch the target.). Finally, you have US! There will be plenty of experienced instructors observing you and we are there for one reason, TO HELP YOU! Even if you've NEVER fired a handgun before, our competent instructors will guide you and get you on target.

Range Information